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Redbubble Rocks! Part 2

After developing designs for several years and putting them up on sites like Cafepress and Zazzle, I found the way they display products to be a bit bland. Discovering Redbubble thanks to a friend, I was really impressed with just how awesome your products look. I can certainly use the product images as is, to […]

The design process evolving due to Print On Demand products.

Sometimes the simplest thing can change your entire thinking and design process. A while back I started building designs for cafepress and after discovering their payments to people external to the US leaves a lot to be desired I switched over to zazzle who at least makes payments via paypal (amongst a long list of […]

Further to the Cafepress versus zazzle post

Further to my last post on the switch to zazzle over cafepress, I am finding it easier to work with the free store that is included with zazzle over having to pay for the same thing in cafepress. Best part is, you can now build category folder images to brand your store even further. I […]

Cafepress versus zazzle

Just started switching over to zazzle from cafepress. After some decent results with cafepress, I have found that zazzle offers payments via paypal to its sellers rather than only by cheque like cafepress and that decided it for me. I don’t want to have to wait an extra month for commission payments anymore. So, I […]