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Finding inspiration in old design

It is amazing just how much design work I pass in a day, the fact that I have a phone with a built in camera means I can take snapshots for future reference. Seeing old signs and posters faded and aged makes me think of how my design work is going to look in thirty […]

Instacanv.as Gallery now open!

The new gallery is open at BittenByDesign’s Gallery. Stop by, check it out and don’t hesitate to make requests for particular shots if you have them.

Redbubble Rocks! Part 2

After developing designs for several years and putting them up on sites like Cafepress and Zazzle, I found the way they display products to be a bit bland. Discovering Redbubble thanks to a friend, I was really impressed with just how awesome your products look. I can certainly use the product images as is, to […]