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World dictator day + December 17th + event tee.

World dictator day + December 17th + event tee.

Harden Up Fitness Clothing Range | first t-shirts now available!

One of the latest tee designs for the Bitten By Design zazzle store. It is part of the new ‘Harden Up’ fitness range!

Redbubble Rocks! Part 2

After developing designs for several years and putting them up on sites like Cafepress and Zazzle, I found the way they display products to be a bit bland. Discovering Redbubble thanks to a friend, I was really impressed with just how awesome your products look. I can certainly use the product images as is, to […]

Redbubble Rocks!

After speaking to another designer about online providers of tees and stickers, he put me onto Redbubble. Why am I so impressed? Check out how cool the product images look when you drop your designs in! I will be posting up more designs shortly along with the links so you can check them all out […]

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