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Wallpaper custom cover design

Wallpaper – Custom Covers

After seeing them at Semi-permanent this year, I had been tempted to go back and have a play with the interface to build something for myself. The animated option for the design I have worked on means the rising suns rays turn making it a very dynamic cover! Just a bit of fun, and still […]

2012 Semipermanent Book Entries

Each year there is a call out to designers for entries to go into the SemiPermanent books for the year. This year (2012) was the first year I had entered, and found a couple of samples of my work to go in. I included a range of work as I was unsure what style of […]

Redbubble Rocks!

After speaking to another designer about online providers of tees and stickers, he put me onto Redbubble. Why am I so impressed? Check out how cool the product images look when you drop your designs in! I will be posting up more designs shortly along with the links so you can check them all out […]

Scorpion Robots Illustration

Scorpion Robots Illustration

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