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2012 Semipermanent Book Entries

Each year there is a call out to designers for entries to go into the SemiPermanent books for the year. This year (2012) was the first year I had entered, and found a couple of samples of my work to go in. I included a range of work as I was unsure what style of […]

demotivational fridge

Found on the fridge…

It is amazing what can be found on a fridge at work… I swear it wasn’t me asking for chocolate…

New designs and crazy products are coming!

Now there was a mention earlier of the website getting a bit of a makeover, and that will be enabled in the coming weeks. But what else could there be? Well, there will be some testimonials and some fun stuff added for some of the crazy products that I have been working on, Rohypnol Water […]

Types of tan.

Just in time for the wrap up of the summer holiday season, we have the common names for the types of tan and skin conditions we see. Oompa loompa: bright orange skin from a bad spray tan. Totally unnatural in colour. Tequila sunrise: oompa loompa with a sunburn Jar jar binks: sunburn on your back […]