Giving Advice

What is the cost of good advice versus bad

So you are looking for advice, but what will bad advice cost you? It may be worth paying the extra to be sure you are getting qualified expert advice, rather than cheap or free advice from someone. Bad advice won’t just cost you earnings for your business, but it will make you look bad as […]

As Seen In Desktop Magazine

So what is with all the Desktop Posts?

It is looking like desktop magazine is dead, as of writing, it has had no new content added to the website or its social media channels in just over a year. So I decided I needed to archive all of my old articles from the desktop magazine website here before they take the website down. […]

As Seen In Desktop Magazine

Q&A: Mark Blondel, CD at Where There’s Smoke

Earlier this year whilst attending the Sydney Semi-Permanent conference, I was able to meet and chat with Mark Blondel from Where There’s Smoke, this is just a little Q&A he agreed to do with desktop. You might not know the Where There’s Smoke (WTS) name, but you will probably recognise some of their work. You can see their show reel on their website, and you would be surprised just what has come out of the WTS office on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

As Seen In Desktop Magazine

Designer job descriptions – tongue-in-cheek look

The real meaning behind your job titles… A tongue-in-cheek description of the jobs within the studio or agency. Or perhaps they are a totally accurate depiction of what is in store for the unwary!