Testing out different YouTube ideas has led to a massive bump in views.

Initially, I felt that I needed to refresh my knowledge of YouTube and other social media channels. It is well known the algorithms change and evolve, so I wanted to be on top of the latest iterations. I have certainly learned more about what/when/how to post content, but it is also learning the trends that are currently receiving traffic.

The one biggest takeaway from this, so far, is that videos with lots of views tend to get your other videos more views as well. It’s just down to your target audience probably wanting to watch other videos in the same theme. Unfortunately that means smaller channels really struggle with audience numbers. I have the business versus my personal YouTube channels to compare against one another. The business one where I have only just started against the old personal one I have. It is glaringly obvious that even the most rubbish clips that go up on the personal channel out-perform any on the business channel. You just need to get to the tipping point where your videos are getting shown, and then you will see a big spike in numbers.

I saw that kind of spike when I first started adding YouTube shorts, in a few hours of posting some of them I was getting hundreds of views. But only on the personal channel, not on the business one. I guess that is what time/subscribers/watch numbers does to impact anything new you put up.

Check out the channel at Bitten By Design YouTube Channel and drop a like/subscribe. Then compare it to my Personal Channel

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