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As Seen In Desktop Magazine

Red Dwarf X – 2012

One of my first posts on desktopmag.com.auwas about the short Back To Earth mini-series from Red Dwarf. Now a few years later, the popularity of the mini-series has been such that a full season of Red Dwarf has been ordered. It is currently in production with a planned September broadcast on Dave in the UK. Which means a season pass on iTunes is probably your best bet to catch the series as soon it is available.

As Seen In Desktop Magazine

Red Dwarf is back

As seen in desktop magazine here Many years ago the Red Dwarf series hit the ABC on a Sunday afternoon, it proved popular and moved to a late weeknight timeslot. Normally you would think that a sci-fi situation comedy set on a spaceship alone in deep space, crewed only by a robot, a deranged ships […]

This Is Spinal Tap (Special Edition)

You haven’t heard of spinal tap? For shame! This is THE mockumentary for rock. So many quotes have come from this movie, but the most quoted is possibly… ‘it goes to eleven’ It is a good movie for those of you who know the industry, or are just looking for some comedy with some rock […]