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A new classic?

I have always felt you can have something advertised as ‘new’ or ‘classic’ but not both, by definition a classic is something has been around forever unchanged, whereas something new is fresh and different. Makes me a little confused when you see both on a milk flavour carton…

This Is Spinal Tap (Special Edition)

You haven’t heard of spinal tap? For shame! This is THE mockumentary for rock. So many quotes have come from this movie, but the most quoted is possibly… ‘it goes to eleven’ It is a good movie for those of you who know the industry, or are just looking for some comedy with some rock […]

Star Trek Beige Tribble Replica Plush with Sound

A classic star trek prop. A plush toy tribble (without the mass replicating like the show) But with all the sounds and a range of colours, I know what I am getting a friend for his birthday this year! A pack of tribbles! 🙂 (via entertainment earth)