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Sometimes you just can’t help yourself!

Okay, I can admit to occasionally having an idea that is a bit silly. Generally it is in response to a friend putting a great photo up on Facebook or instagram and I just can’t help myself but turn it into a pretend book cover, album cover or just do something a little silly with. […]

Graphic designers and the Microsoft Office suite of programs

One of the biggest misconceptions of graphic designers is that they use standard business software like Microsoft Word, Publisher and Paint. The software developed for designers is much more specialised and enables them to work with a much higher level of control and output the final artwork to go to a printer/magazine/newspaper. The most common […]

My new addiction to Photoshop Disasters.

After discovering photoshopdisasters I am addicted! It is truly scary how some things get past their production check.   Check it out and see what happens when photoshop is used and abused.