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Stop mouth breathing for dummies – Book Cover Design

Crazy inappropriate book covers secretly added to your friends bookshelves? Oh yes! Now THATS a great use of your photoshop skills! 😉

Flash versus Jobs. Flash is dead. Jobs is dead. Jobs wins.

The news of Adobe deciding to drop Flash, means that the war between Jobs and Flash is over with Jobs winning after his passing. Below is an iPhone wallpaper that you can use to celebrate the death of Flash.

No Free Desktop Wallpaper today – The dog ate it!

I had planned on putting up a nice wallpaper design for everyone, but the damn dog ate it before I was able to…

Another day in the life of a shelf toy

How far can I take this idea? Well, keep tuned as there are still a few more ideas to be put into pictures! And if there is any you want to see, share them and I will add them to the set!

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