Okay, I can admit to occasionally having an idea that is a bit silly. Generally it is in response to a friend putting a great photo up on Facebook or instagram and I just can’t help myself but turn it into a pretend book cover, album cover or just do something a little silly with.

Please note, these are my friends, I do love them, even if I make them look a little silly with photoshop retouching. And if you haven’t checked out We May Fall, you had better do it, their latest single which is different to everything else they have done is a truly awesome piece of music and the videoclip is pretty special too. Shameless plug to their clip is… We May Fall – Down


This is a favourite of mine, JJ did some promotional photos for Hourless. So I turned it into a book cover! The title still brings a little smile to my face as I do think it turned out perfectly as the small text lines change the title totally.

A BOOK that he didn’t write ABOUT POETRY you don’t want to read.



The promotional poster done for the latest clip was just begging for some fun. So for halloween this year, I swapped out JJ for Cookie monster, and replaced the band name to reflect the cookie theme. I was worried cookie monster would be unrecognisable with a red light cast over him, so I tried to keep as much blue as possible but still match it to the colours of the band members.


Okay, this one was a little bit fun, promo shots of the band for one of their clips got chopped up into a totally different way to be used for a pretend single. I used to work alongside JJ and I miss getting the chance to mess with his desk every day.


Hence why the desire to rename their new album from ‘The light bearer and the shadow maker’ to something a little more silly was just too much fun not to do.


Okay, this wasn’t the first one I messed around with for the band, but it was a promo poster BEGGING to be photoshopped into something else. I swear as soon as I saw it, I knew it needed to be a shower scene.


Don’t get me wrong, I am not JUST giving heaps to the boys in We May Fall, plenty of others cop it too.


I am sure I am not the only designer who has a bit of fun with photos that get posted up. It certainly does show a little of my sense of humour in the stuff I do to friends photos. Plus it gives me an excuse to be playing around with designs and retouching that I probably wouldn’t have otherwise tried out.