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The Debt Free Designer Project

So I have been a little more quiet than usual. This is due in part to setting up a new blog following my journey from being in debt to debt free and then on to wealthy! (Or my spectacular failure at it) the-debt-free-designer.bittenbydesign.com is the address, and I will slowly add more content and links […]

Graphic designers and the Microsoft Office suite of programs

One of the biggest misconceptions of graphic designers is that they use standard business software like Microsoft Word, Publisher and Paint. The software developed for designers is much more specialised and enables them to work with a much higher level of control and output the final artwork to go to a printer/magazine/newspaper. The most common […]

What is a design brief for a graphic designer?

A design brief is something that is vital to any design project, as it will provide the designer(s) with all the information needed to create a great visual design solution. There is no single, off-the-shelf format for a design brief but there are a number of key points the agency MUST understand. The project team […]

Satchel contents of a graphic designer

The what’s in my satchel obligatory photo post

Ever since I saw the trend of ‘what’s in my bag/satchel’ I have been fighting the urge to do one myself. After having to get everything out of my bag last night in search of a set of missing keys, I had everything out on the bed anyway, so a photo took only a few […]

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