So I have been a little more quiet than usual. This is due in part to setting up a new blog following my journey from being in debt to debt free and then on to wealthy! (Or my spectacular failure at it) is the address, and I will slowly add more content and links and so on over the course of my journey. It is currently just a starting point, I am still looking at themes, plugins and all manner of admin stuff, so there may be some cosmetic changes to the blog as it progresses.

The plan is to showcase passive and active income ideas for designers along with selling my eBook (when it’s complete). Not to mention free creative content I generate, like iPhone wallpapers, animations and any number of other things as I try them out.

I hope to build an audience of creative minded people who might get something from my journey, and feed back into the blog with their own ideas and knowledge.

Researching the latest in SEO, SEM and social sharing alongside marketing techniques should give me some insights for the promotion of the blog, but also give me ideas for the Bitten By Design website and my clients.

Check it out, and let me know your thoughts!