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As Seen In Desktop Magazine

Garfield minus Garfield

[frame_left href=”http://www.bittenbydesign.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/gar-300×202.jpg” alt=”Garfield Minus Garfield” title=”Garfield Minus Garfield” width=”300″ height=”202″]http://www.bittenbydesign.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/gar-300×202.jpg[/frame_left]As seen in desktop magazine here What would the Garfield comic be like without Garfield in it? Would it be funnier than it was before? I think so, and if you think it might be an insight into a paranoid and delusional Jon, take a look […]

Scorpion Robots Illustration

Scorpion Robots Illustration

iPhone wallpaper – Unhappy Post It

This has been on my desk for ages, and only recently did I think to take a picture of it to use as my wallpaper. It is a green sticky note pad, with a face drawn in whiteout tape and some features highlighted using a pen. I end up with all sorts of hand generated […]

Recent scanning of old work.

After a disaster occured with my old hard drive completely packing it in, I have been searching through all my old illustrations to recreate a lot of my missing files. I have found a huge amount of old illustration work to scan in, and a sample of my illustration work is included below. I hope […]