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As Seen In Desktop Magazine

Garfield minus Garfield

As seen in desktop magazine here What would the Garfield comic be like without Garfield in it? Would it be funnier than it was before? I think so, and if you think it might be an insight into a paranoid and delusional Jon, take a look for yourself at Garfield Minus Garfield.

Scorpion Robots Illustration

Scorpion Robots Illustration

iPhone wallpaper – Unhappy Post It

This has been on my desk for ages, and only recently did I think to take a picture of it to use as my wallpaper. It is a green sticky note pad, with a face drawn in whiteout tape and some features highlighted using a pen. I end up with all sorts of hand generated […]

Recent scanning of old work.

After a disaster occured with my old hard drive completely packing it in, I have been searching through all my old illustrations to recreate a lot of my missing files. I have found a huge amount of old illustration work to scan in, and a sample of my illustration work is included below. I hope […]