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Redbubble Rocks! Part 2

After developing designs for several years and putting them up on sites like Cafepress and Zazzle, I found the way they display products to be a bit bland. Discovering Redbubble thanks to a friend, I was really impressed with just how awesome your products look. I can certainly use the product images as is, to […]

The design process evolving due to Print On Demand products.

Sometimes the simplest thing can change your entire thinking and design process. A while back I started building designs for cafepress and after discovering their payments to people external to the US leaves a lot to be desired I switched over to zazzle who at least makes payments via paypal (amongst a long list of […]

Formal Friday versus Flanny Friday v2.

Just had a friend email this to me in response to my comments about formal friday versus flanny friday. Well, I found it funny anyway. PR: wait… I: wait… L: wait… LD: wait… I: wait… wait… Rank: wait… Traffic: wait… Price: wait… C: wait…

Formal Friday versus Flanny Friday.

As a designer, we are allowed a certain measure of casual dress code every day of the week, rather than just a casual friday like other office workers. So, in response to that, I have been trying to do ‘formal friday’ rather than casual friday. But no matter how hard I try, I always seem […]

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