After developing designs for several years and putting them up on sites like Cafepress and Zazzle, I found the way they display products to be a bit bland. Discovering Redbubble thanks to a friend, I was really impressed with just how awesome your products look. I can certainly use the product images as is, to help promote them elsewhere online. Check out some examples from my product range below.

Purveyor of fine man horn

Grey Robot Vector Tee

Green Vector Monster Tee

The added bonus of Redbubble is it ends up looking more like an artists portfolio than its competitors. Now I have somewhere that not only presents my work in a very professional way, but I can get all manner of different sized prints.

Yes, this is the christmas card I am intending on sending out to a couple of friends. As they check out my work for sale, I am in no doubt that I may end up with one of my designs coming in the mail the coming festive season.

I find that developing designs of things that you think are cool or that your friends have said they want is a great way to get started with these websites, creating topical and interesting designs can help you build up a passive income. Lets face it, you aren’t going to be rolling in money from it, but if it gives you beer money or pays a phone bill each month, that is one less thing you have to be working to pay each month. And if you are like me, those payments will sit in PayPal until it builds up to a nice chunk of money and you can go splurge on something cool. Then there is always putting the credit you have earned back into the site by purchasing copies of your own designs to give as gifts or to use as promotional pieces for yourself.