Just started switching over to zazzle from cafepress. After some decent results with cafepress, I have found that zazzle offers payments via paypal to its sellers rather than only by cheque like cafepress and that decided it for me. I don’t want to have to wait an extra month for commission payments anymore. So, I intend to switch over most designs to the zazzle store. Any designs that have dropped off cafepress that aren’t in the zazzle store, let me know and I can add them or send out a link for them.

I am still taking custom design jobs for product designs, and can set up private product links for you to them. Just send any requests through to tshirts@bittenbydesign.com

2 Thoughts to “Cafepress versus zazzle”

  1. I too am switching from CP to Zazzle. I’ve just begun my journy.

    Best of luck to you.

  2. Yes, the chance to get paid directly into a paypal account for seller earnings sealed the deal for me. Plus the custom shoes and skate decks look like fun to design for.

    Drop back and share how you went with the transfer over to zazzle.

    I for one am finding it very straight forward. I may leave some designs up at cafepress but all new ones will go up on zazzle.

    Found any other sites which are worth looking at in addition to zazzle?

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