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Outsourcing design: go local not global.

Every business needs a logo, business cards and all manner of branded material. So where do you start? Pretty much everyone starts their search online for someone to create the designs they need. With so many options, it is hard to know where to start. It’s your business, so any costs for the designs can […]

Free book on graphic design / Graphic Design: A Journey by Nicholas Turner

I am just finishing off the final two chapters in my book on graphic design. Anyone interested in a free digital copy when it is released? Just let me know and I can email out a download link to anyone interested when it is done! I offer a 100% money back guarantee with this offer. […]

How to say no to free pitching the easy way.

Just say no with Supernice studios A sizeable portion of the design community gets asked to design up pitch concepts, and there is never an easy way to respond as it can take time to write up a response on the problems associated with free pitching. This little website automates much of the process so […]

Graphic designers and the Microsoft Office suite of programs

One of the biggest misconceptions of graphic designers is that they use standard business software like Microsoft Word, Publisher and Paint. The software developed for designers is much more specialised and enables them to work with a much higher level of control and output the final artwork to go to a printer/magazine/newspaper. The most common […]