Rohypnol water. For those times you just want to forget…

Okay, the first question is always going to be why did I do this? Well, to give you some background, during my design course we used to create inappropriate dust jackets for books in our spare time and secretly add them over books at friends houses during parties (and to the design books in the library). So suddenly their bookcase was no longer filled with edgy cool novels and reference books, but with terribly wrong topics that just shouldn’t be in anyones collection. 

This idea was left well enough alone until I saw the Paris Hilton album shop drops by Banksy. This was not only fun, but a running commentary on the mass consumerism that we all indulge in.

This is just some of the fun ideas I had to design up and slip onto products in friends pantries and fridges (or my own). Asking someone if they want a bottle of Rohypnol Water will surely raise some eyebrows.

This and the others that I will be adding up are purely for entertainment purposes and a dig at the mass consumerism and our slavery to particular brands.

For this product, not only have I uploaded an iPhone wallpaper of the design, but a PDF of the design for you to go out and generate your own mayhem as well. Get the PDF here just download it, print it out, and cut up the labels and stick them on your favourite water bottle and enjoy!

Enjoy in moderation, as there are more on their way!

(Pictures can be emailed through to me, and I will put up the best ones with a link back to you.)

Now you can also buy a frosted glass mug with the branding on it from our zazzle store here. Don’t forget to change the safe filter to OFF so you can see it!