So you love your iPhone as much as me. How do you get more out of it? Well when using the earphones to listen to music you can not only change the volume but with one click in the middle pause the current song, another click will get it playing again. Two clicks in quick succesion will skip to the next song and three will rewind to the previous song. Now you don’t have to stop what you are doing to adjust your music!

Another trick is to enable the caps key lock so you can double tap the shift key to have it stay on till you click it again to turn it off. Not something you will need all the time but useful for the times you do need it!

Most coffee shops and place like McDonalds have free WiFi access so you can get yourself a coffee and do all your net browsing or facebook updates for free and not waste your own roaming Internet access. There are a few free WiFi locator apps you can download so you should be able to find a location close to you in any major city.

You would be surprised at the volume of really useful apps available. Especially for conducting business whilst on the move. Although now you won’t be taking a lunch break you will be having a working lunch!