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IBS and the long commute – Irritable Bowel Syndrome

For IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) sufferers the idea of spending two hours commuting to work and then another two home each day sounds like a pretty horrible state of affairs. IBS is not a diagnosis of anything, in fact it is a diagnosis of exclusion, meaning they test for everything else and when they can’t […]

iPhone user tips

So you love your iPhone as much as me. How do you get more out of it? Well when using the earphones to listen to music you can not only change the volume but with one click in the middle pause the current song, another click will get it playing again. Two clicks in quick […]



Inspiration comes from many sources. We aren’t talking copying someone else’s work, but being inspired by them to try something new, to do better, or to even find a layout style from something. In some cases it may just be the font you were looking for to complement the design you have done. Look at […]