The next reboot is just around the corner and I am considering what needs doing to refresh my site to give it a fresh and functional look
for the coming year.

In fact building a mobile device option into my websites theme seems to be the first step. Now that I have my iPhone, all the usability issues for websites on the iPhone are easily tested. Just look around at any graphic or web designer and invariably they will have or plan to get an iPhone. This is my primary mobile viewer, so putting something nicer than the default interface together may just be the ticket to stand out a bit more.

The next thing is to make the site design wordpress 3 ready, there is plenty of write ups to the changes and how to implement them.

So, making everything stable and ready for mobile devices it comes down to updating the look of the site and I am tempted to switch to a fluid layout and look at building the layout so it functions well at any width. With computer monitor sizes getting ever wider the fixed format of my site is going to be something I feel will hold it back later on. It could be that I know it will be a full year till the next overhaul and who knows what will happen in six to eight months. Not that I am suggesting you will be viewing the Internet on your 3D TV from the comfort of your lounge in six months, but I do want to have adaptibility built in sooner rather than later.

This site has had a bit of progression in design and functionality since it was launched. Invariably the changes have been invisible to
users, but has helped clean up a lot of unnecessary information and options within the site making it easier to navigate.

My goal for the site itself is to try and maintain the branding style but bring a fresh look and design in without pushing it too far away from what it currently is and confuse return visitors with a completely different look and format.

We will see how I go! Reboot 2010 here we come!