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4 Questions for a Designer that inspires us.

The following is a quick interview of myself by Mason Wood, for a project in his graphic design degree at James Cook University, Cairns, Queensland. So, to answer your questions: 1. What do you believe are the most critical skills or attributes needed to be able to successfully work in this area? You need some […]

Quiz A Designer – 10 Questions Answered

The following is a quick interview of myself by Meg Hanlon, for a project in her graphic design course at the CATC in Sydney.. 1. What’s your name, company/studio and position? Nick Turner, Bitten By Design and Owner/Designer.   2. Why did you become a designer? I have always had an artistic talent, always drawing […]

Recent interview with Bitten By Design – 5 questions

Recently I was interviewed by a website and from that I wanted to share the following five questions I was asked. 1. What got you into design in the first place? Ever since I can remember I have been drawing or painting. There has always been a need to draw and even to this day […]