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Name and shame – just say no to free pitching

Outing the culprits. Talk about laziness, bulk emailing all creatives you know to basically ‘free pitch’ for work. Without a proper brief or working in consultation, hell not even knowing the criteria they are going to select against, I would have as much luck with a picture my 4 year old has drawn than I […]

The Bitten By Design Zazzle store is now a ProSeller Store!

After a couple months of high sales through the store, starting with a surprising result in the lead up to last Christmas, the Bitten By Design Zazzle store has been awarded ProSeller status in recognition of sales. It will mean an increase in appearance of the store within the zazzle website search results, leading to […]

Stop mouth breathing for dummies – Book Cover Design

Crazy inappropriate book covers secretly added to your friends bookshelves? Oh yes! Now THATS a great use of your photoshop skills! 😉

Quiz A Designer – 10 Questions Answered

The following is a quick interview of myself by Meg Hanlon, for a project in her graphic design course at the CATC in Sydney.. 1. What’s your name, company/studio and position? Nick Turner, Bitten By Design and Owner/Designer.   2. Why did you become a designer? I have always had an artistic talent, always drawing […]

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