Stop mouth breathing for dummies – Book Cover Design

Stop Mouth Breathing for Dummies - Book Cover Design

Previously, my friends and I had a running challenge, one which involved secretly swapping dust covers on each others books and DVDs. Adding really inappropriate covers to the books with photoshopped artwork was always fun.

I have mentioned in the past the various crazy covers that we did, this cover is a sample of the many that we did. Not only a great way to improve the photoshop skills, but also a fun challenge to see how long it would take for the other person to spot them.

I plan on trying to dig a few more up to feature as iPhone wallpapers for everyone to download. If you have a request, let me know and I can add it to the list of wallpapers when I start resizing them for the mobile screens. I am also planning on adding a few printable PDFs so everyone can do their own dust cover ninja missions on their friends libraries.