To log in to my site to see 10,000 blocked comments that are flagged as being unsafe or just junk is kinda mind-blowing.

It is an indication of the length of time my blog and website has been around, but also the amount of comments that I am not having to check through. When I switched to WordPress I was administering each and every comment, but now most of the junk just goes straight to the bin without me having to review it.

Funny how some people think they can write a script to just post junk comments and they wont be picked up or flagged by systems like Akismet.

If you haven’t started using it, get it for yourself or somehting similar and free up your admin time for writing more posts rather than wading through the junk before you find the gems of actual people commenting to allow on your site.

One Thought to “Akismet blocking out an unwanted 10k of comments!”

  1. The funny part is, I am seeing a heap of junk comments being added to this article (all are being caught by akismet) you would think they would be smart enough to write exclusions to the comments based on the blog post headline.

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