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Messing with co-workers minds…

Just a follow on from the photo before Easter. This time he hasn’t coughed up his lungs, he has dropped his guts! And yes, this sits on the shelf at my desk for any passerby to see…

Poking fun at co-workers 101

Okay, with everyone being sick this season, I thought this was a great pic that pokes fun at anyone with the lingering cough that is doing the rounds. Yes, those are his lungs that he has coughed up. Next month I think he might have to drop his guts! 😉

iPhone wallpaper – Tattooine holiday promotion

After discovering a collection of Star Wars pictures online that were of uncommon or hard to find behind the scenes shots along with unused shots from photo sessions I just had to use a few of them as wallpapers. I saw this image of the farm from star wars and my dark sense of humour […]