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Interesting video to go with news story…

If this is the lift he gets, well no wonder he was considered making a grand entrance. I am guessing the video wasn’t meant to be the one they attached! Ooops!  

WWDC logo

Which Web Design interview with Bitten By Design

Interview WWDC: How do you get the majority of your business? Bitten By Design: ”Most business comes in via the web or through word of mouth recommendations.” WWDC: Where do you see the web design industry in the future? Bitten By Design: ”We will end up moving further into mobile web and into video. Any […]

Portfolio Freshness.

As we start a new year, I have decided to add some additional samples into the portfolio pages, and will keep doing so every so often, rather than waiting to do a big change, I am going to do it in stages. So drop by and check them out every so often, you never know when there […]

Pricing restructure

After almost two years, it is time for a small increase in my hourly rate. Any work already quoted will stay as is, also any contracted work will continue as is, until the contract end, when the new pricing structure will be brought into effect. At the end of November the new pricing will be […]

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