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As Seen In Desktop Magazine

The best things in life are: Free! (especially the net!)

As seen in desktop magazine here Most of us have at least one Wi-Fi device, whether it is a smartphone like the iPhone or an iPad or a netbook style computer. Invariably we will have it with us when we are out and about, so do you rely on your expensive data plan or do […]

Flash versus Jobs. Flash is dead. Jobs is dead. Jobs wins.

The news of Adobe deciding to drop Flash, means that the war between Jobs and Flash is over with Jobs winning after his passing. Below is an iPhone wallpaper that you can use to celebrate the death of Flash.

Crazy spelling autocorrect. Cheesy Toadflax!

I want to know, what the hell toadflax is!

Who shot first? Han Solo or Greedo? Support your side with these iPhone wallpapers.

There are two sides, those that remember Han Solo shooting first in the cantina, and those that remember that Greedo shot first. Choose one of the two iPhone wallpapers to show your support, but choose wisely!