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Motorhead Remixer Application

Ever wanted your own mix of classic Motorhead tracks? Well, you can now download an app for your iPhone and have your own version of the best Motorhead songs just for yourself. You can also share them with other remixers!

Traffic monitoring.

After picking up a google analytics tool for my phone, I have been regularly watching the traffic statistics of my websites. What I was seeing was quite a marked increase in traffic, way more than I had been seeing in the last couple of years. Which was matching an increase in hacking attempts and comment […]

iPhone gaming apps

The game apps now available on iPhone hark back to my youth, they are literally ports of games that I grew up playing. Games like Wolfenstein 3D and Doom broke the ground for all the first person shooters that followed. Sim city, Civilization, Bomberman and many others just scratch the surface. Strategy games like Command […]