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Outsourcing design: go local not global.

Every business needs a logo, business cards and all manner of branded material. So where do you start? Pretty much everyone starts their search online for someone to create the designs they need. With so many options, it is hard to know where to start. It’s your business, so any costs for the designs can […]

My Studio

Best thing about the studio? As a freelancer you make your home office space the best you can, but the fact the business is really just you, the laptop, a phone and access to the internet the studio can be anywhere you want to work. Like at a park table overlooking the beach or from […]

Constructive commuting

Now that the family and I have settled into the new house on the central coast, people keep asking about my commuting down to Sydney everyday. Let’s be clear, it is an hour and a half down to Central station. This hasn’t worried me, only because I have my iPhone with me and more recently […]

New address on the Central Coast!

Recently we made the move up to the Central Coast from Sydney, and we have not looked back! The lifestyle and proximity to the beach has been wonderful. I am still heading back to Sydney City every day, but returning home to the coast every night means I feel like I am on holiday every […]

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