As a designer, I like to have well thought out design in what I use. iOS7 seems to have some nice features and design applied to it, but then there are other instances which are going to take a lot to get used to, (if ever) like the zoom between groups of apps and the main screen, is that really necessary? It just seems pointless. I do miss the pseudo 3 dimensional aspect and the flat solid colour style can be a little jarring when you still have older apps sitting next to them. Safari seems harder to navigate multiple open pages, and although the photo sharing options are pretty great, the icons just seem like they are unfinished wireframe concepts and not the final shipping product. I love the update to the lock screen and password screen, that is really nicely done, but the look of the ugly simple line icons for mail just leave me wanting it to be more detailed.

There is plenty of argument for and against on the web about the update, but this is what we have now, and the added functionality hopefully will continue to outweigh how much we miss the old styling of the interface.

My 2 cents is that I am happy to have an update that gives me more options and hopefully will continue to be built upon so the look isn’t so stark as it is now in the future.

What are your thoughts? Like, hate or are you indifferent to it?