These days you are only a quick internet search away from comparison sites that review pretty much anything from apps to zoos. Knowing more about the products or services on offer helps you make an informed decision before you buy. When talking about an investment for your business in phones, webhosting or even software you could spend a lot of time doing research on pricing and the product reviews before making a purchase. Sites like iselect give you a great starting point or if you are after the best web hosting service there are sites for that too.

The other thing to keep in mind is the changing quality of service you receive. When I first decided on a hosting company, it had excellent reviews and a strong set of reviews for the people behind it. Six years on, and they have changed from what they used to include for free and have made them paid extras. Whilst this is not a big thing, coupled with the ever decreasing level of service and the ongoing issues with uptime of their servers, I am looking at switching out to another provider before the end of the year when my renewal comes up. Now there are plenty of places giving great sign up deals, but I have been noticing a lot of them get quite a bit of the ‘money making – get rich quick’ style of websites. I definitely want to steer clear of them so as not to be tarred with the same brush by simply being on an ip address that is almost the same as one that is churning out tonnes of spam like advertising and pushing dubious business practices.

Being informed is really only just a few web searches, and even if we use one of the impartial review sites as a basis it is better than getting something that turns out to be a cheap second rate product that we could of saved time and money in the long run.

If you have any good review sites that show
consumer rankings
that you use, please add them in the comments section for the other readers to use as well.