World Dictator Day – December 17 – celebrate with the iPhone wallpaper and t-shirt!

Quite a few years back we were sitting around talking crap with one another and we got onto the subject of the Goodies, which led to the ‘world domination’ achievement badge and the fact there was a day for pretty much everyone or everything but not Dictators bent on global domination.

Think the old villains in James Bond movies, or Dr. Evil. Why can’t they have a day too? December 17 just happened to be either the day we came up with the idea or was just a day around that date which didn’t already have something happening on it.

You can help celebrate the day by downloading the iPhone wallpaper and using it for the day, or get your hands on the t-shirt available through my zazzle store here.

Remember, if we fail to learn from the lessons of the past, we are cursed to repeat them.

Add to the comments if there are any catchphrases you think should be included on the wallpapers, and I will add them in for you.