These days pretty much everyone and their dog has a twitter account. As a designer, I am often asked to design something that matches in with the clients online brand. But what about all those people who have just a personal account and want Twitter designs a bit different to the default options given by twitter? One of the places I found to point people towards that does personalized twitter backgrounds, is they have a nice selection of free and custom twitter backgrounds and it helps get people started without them feeling stuck with the limited choice given by twitter.

Even if you don’t intend to tweet about your life, following your favourite musicians or actors can give you an insight into their lives and personalities that you would never see through the gossip mags. So it is interesting to just sign up and follow a few famous people, but if you are like me and become addicted to social networking, you will want a distinct look for your twitter page.

Switching the background is as simple as popping over to twitter backgrounds, choosing one of the designs you like, download the image, and then head back to your twitter profile settings, and choose your own background (the one that you just downloaded to your computer), save the new settings and you are done! It is pretty easy to do and you can change the background to suit the season, holiday or an event whenever you feel like it.

You can even follow them on twitter to keep updated on the latest additions and updates to the selections.

Oh, and while you are at it, you can follow me on twitter via @bittenbydesign

Share your twitter usernames and your favourite tweeters in the comments so we can all check them out.