Where would we be without the archetypal villain to struggle against in our online games? My generation grew up with the first Star Wars trilogy. Let’s face it, without the Emperor and Darth Vader what would the movie be like? It would certainly not have had the interesting edge that it did without them. I would name Vader as my favourite bad guy of the associated computer games. Especially in Star Wars Battlefront, which has to be one of the best games for quick pick up and play gaming in my opinion.

Another villain of note would have to be the liche king in World of Warcraft. Without having a focus for your game it seems just too disconnected. Consider the Arkham Asylum game, who would Batman fight against without the Joker there? The janitors? No, the game would be terrible without the legendary Joker making his presence felt in the game.

Do you have a favourite villain? Or maybe there is a bad guy in a game that just annoys you more than any other!