Recently I have been looking at adding free extras to my own website, and I was recommended the website as an example of what can be added to help boost the value of your website to your clients. Although they are a Seattle web design team the free webmaster tools and the resources available on their site are useful to not only their clients but to other web designers like myself. I can certainly see myself visiting their site to check out their articles, and to return again to see what other articles they add in future.

The free webmaster tools are easy to find online, but to have a whole group of them in one place makes it so much easier for people like me who prefer to have a single bookmarked website to visit and to get everything done through the one spot rather than having to go to five or six sites to do the same thing.

My intent for this site is to add free things like desktop wallpapers, iphone wallpapers, twitter icons,  icon sets and other useful custom graphics, but I could definitely see how much added value any site could have by incorporating resource tools and articles on website design and development. 

For the most part my website design and development services requirements are done in-house, but after reading through their testimonials I would consider them as a source for overflow work.