Sons Of Anarchy

Caught a preview showing of the series ‘Sons of anarchy’ on foxtel over the weekend.

Wow. A tv series on an outlaw biker gang that runs guns.
Pretty good too, stars Ron Perlman (hello hellboy!) and Katy Sagal.

Some pretty full on story lines in it, in the first episode there are explosions, killings, murder, fights, motor cycle riding and a few other more personal touches to the characters.

It runs a bit like Dexter in that it is all about the bad side of the world, and doesn’t shy away from the fact that they are real scum.
But unlike Dexter, so far there is no redeeming these characters. Which in itself is different enough for me to catch the series.

Also, with the escalating Biker war here in Sydney, and the new laws about Biker Association (making it illegal to be a member) this comes at a very strange set of timing.

Best part is, they have been given the green light for a second series…