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Viral Products? The self directed design experience

Now I have been pushing myself to hit the next level in my design, the self directed (or is that self indulgent?) work I am doing is certainly giving me the opportunity to not only push my creativity and design skills further, but to have some fun in creating totally silly products!

Sneak Peek: The upcoming new site design for!

Over the last six months, I have been working on a new updated look and feel to the website. It is slowly coming together, and as the saying goes ‘the cobblers children are the last to get shoes’ it is very much the case for designers who do additional work after hours and have children. […]

Further fun with desk toys

Just another note on the little desk toy for passing co-workers to spot.

Messing with co-workers minds…

Just a follow on from the photo before Easter. This time he hasn’t coughed up his lungs, he has dropped his guts! And yes, this sits on the shelf at my desk for any passerby to see…