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The real meaning behind your job titles…

You work for free don’t you? A lot of the time a temp in a business where no one bothers to learn your name.

Dogs body, all the crap jobs and you don’t get paid. Experience is enough isn’t it?

You are behind the camera and get to be told what photos to take.

You get to slave all night over a drawing to be given no feedback other than to redo it the same but ‘edgier’ or any of a hundred other non-specific descriptive words.

Graphic artist:
You get to make other people’s designs work across a range of print formats.

Junior designer:
General dogs body, you get all the crap jobs no one above you wanted to do. But at least you get paid better than an intern. Peanuts are money too aren’t they?

Graphic designer:
So, you are up the ladder and have juniors to boss around. Less crap work, better pay.

Senior designer:
You get to give your underlings the crap and keep primo stuff to work on yourself. Don’t forget to throw them a bone once in a while.

Web designer:
You make stuff look cool for the internet. You make programmers’ lives hell. Enjoy it!

Print co-ordinator / manager:
You get to beg the printer to do the job at the last minute for as low a price as possible due to the designers taking so long to get their stuff done.

Studio head / manager:
You have the stress of getting stuff done before deadline, on budget and making the designers fill in their time sheets AND hand them in every day.

Art director:
You get to deal with the clients and distribute the work. Lord it over the underlings, you deserve it.

Creative director:
You get to hire the designers and come up with the awesome concepts the art director has to sell to the client, the same concepts the design team needs to turn into actual creative for the client.

Social media co-ordinator:
You get paid to Facebook and tweet all day? Suuuure that’s a job…

Photo credit: Reactive