Heavy Metal Graphics Coffee Table Book

A random reward for myself: Metal and Hardcore Graphics Book

It goes to eleven!

I haven’t bought myself anything in a very long time, I happened to be window shopping in a remainder bookstore. Yes, using it as a reference library for free instead of buying the books is bad.

But the last large coffee table book on Heavy Metal and Hardcore band graphics? For $30? I couldn’t go past that! The book literally weighs in at three kilos!

The fact it is not just the album covers, but the posters, promotional graphics, t-shirt designs and even a section on the band logos just made it a must have.

Seeing the artist interviews with some of the designers was just the added silver lining for me.

Lets face it, I own a portion of the albums in the book. But if you can find a copy, get it, it is well worth it if you are a designer and are into the heavier side of music.

And no, it is not all skulls and devils. There is a nice range, and there would be plenty of scope for a second edition to cover off other sub-genres in the Metal style of music.

Check it out for yourself at Metal & Hardcore: Graphics