How to say no to free pitching the easy way.

Just say no with Supernice studios

A sizeable portion of the design community gets asked to design up pitch concepts, and there is never an easy way to respond as it can take time to write up a response on the problems associated with free pitching.

This little website automates much of the process so you can get back to working on your current projects. As this gives you the ability for a much faster response time, you lose very little of your billable hours to responding to free pitch requests.

There is an ever increasing movement within the design community coming out against free pitching, and that it devalues all designers skills. It certainly teaches clients that they can get away with taking dozens of concepts without having to pay for them (or just paying for the single one they like).

Check it out for yourself via the link to their no free pitching page

Does anyone have any other samples of sites like this one? What is your stance on free pitching?