The new gay/bi/trans ad campaign for BeyondBlue and Movember. Left handedness.

Associating left handedness with the sexuality choice is a good one, as obviously no one actively chooses what they prefer, it is just how they are created.

It does push a few buttons for me though, as growing up my local primary education facility deemed left handed students to be more disruptive and had to determine which students were left handed. Now as a young child you don’t understand why you are having to sit with other left handed students and not your friends. Looking back later you can see the segregation of one small group of students for a perceived fault is wrong. 

The part that has always upset me about it is that if it hadn’t happened to me, I don’t think I would have noticed. Okay a five year old cant be expected to notice such things, but it still isn’t something I think should be missed.

At least the ad gives an easy way for people to associate the idea that people with a different sexuality should not be vilified, bullied or in any way treated differently to anyone else.

If you haven’t seen the ads yet, keep an eye out for them, check out the campaigns website at to view them or visit the Beyond Blue Facebook page Don’t forget to like the Facebook page as well.