To celebrate world graphic design day the NSW chapter of AGDA ran one of their infamous beer o’clock events at the Cricketers Arms Tavern in Surry Hills. After living in the area a few years ago, it brought back many memories (not all good mind you) walking through the area up to the tavern. I arrived pretty much bang on time but as they were still setting up a beer and a couch beckoned! The tavern is the usual dingy local corner pub fare with the rock music piped in to help set the mood. All it was missing was the wreaths of cigarette smoke I was used to in these places. (damn you healthy lung anti-smoking laws you spoil the look and feel of these old style pubs). I expect my lungs to be ravaged and feel like a tuberclulotic victim the morning after such nights as these!

The beer was good (but not cheap) and soon enough it was time to head upstairs for the slideshow presentation of design.

Of course it was more about socialising with other designers than drinking beers.

You can pick the designers, most of them have the jeans, sneakers, rolled up sleeve shirt and trendy haircuts (and seem to all have iPhones).

Not to mention they all talk shop even in a social environment…

The slideshow ran in the background as we all talked about design, occasionally looking up to see one of the many examples of design cast up on the wall. There were some really good pieces, but it wasn’t like looking through the DandAD awards book (where you are always thinking wow, why don’t I have brave clients like that!). The fact the projector kept crashing to the colour bars didn’t seem to cause any problems for anyone as they were happy to just chat about design in general rather than worry about the technical issues going on above them on the wall. Like really, who cares about a projected image when the chance to talk to other designers presents itself!

In my capacity as a designer, I can ignore the failings of the technical wizardry within a pub, but as a blog writer it makes me want to stick the knife in to watch it bleed…

Soon enough it was time to head off for a quick burger and the two hour trip home. Discussions had drifted to the upcoming Semi Permanent conference, and I am sure to see a few of the faces again at the conference.

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