A new year is upon us and now is the best time to review my current SEO (search engine optimisation) plan.

Checking over my best traffic sources and the keywords that have pushed the most traffic to my site shows me the places to focus on in the coming year. Just checking my google analytic stats shows me the peak traffic times or at least when to generally expect them, this gives me a great incentive to run my posts to release just prior to that time period. Optimising my posts so I draw in even more will make the already growing traffic more like a landslide than it is currently.

Knowing the topics and times that get traffic over the last year helps me plan for the coming year. You cannot predict your exact rank for certain terms or keywords but you can definitely target yourself to the best traffic sources you have. I will be looking at the topics that draw the most traffic and writing posts that include some of my specific focus keywords, like ‘graphic design’ or ‘web design’ if I feel it is warranted.

Slipping in keywords just to have them in the post is simply stuffing and would probably make no sense to the reader. Here’s hoping the review pushes the SEO and page placement to new heights this year! Anyone else doing a new years review of their site?