A few months ago I started writing for a few magazines and websites. Never expecting it to be more than a few articles here and there, it soon became more like proper writing and no longer an occasional foray into journalism. It is amazing to me to find my opinion pieces and reviews bringing in so much email to me.

I had not expected to be contacted by publishers about my reviews of their books, let alone be afforded the chance to look at some of the new ones they are releasing. Recently I was given the opportunity to attend a launch event in my capacity as a writer for Desktop Magazine. For those who know me, the tag of Writer is not one they would associate with me. I have always been a visual person, illustrating and designing over any verbose writing.

In a career as long and varied as mine, I guess I have built up a level of knowledge and skill that just wants to be let out. For most people they can see their career path mapped out in front of them, I certainly thought that was the case for myself. This emerging opportunity has me rethinking about the roles that could be better suited to me, rather than just a creative design based role I am thinking an Art direction role or something that holds a component of writing in addition to design may suit me just as well.

Anyone else found a new career path for themselves through a hobby or something that just happened to them due to them being in the right place at the right time?

Of course they do say everyone has a novel within them, and with the digital publishing market set to expand exponentially in the coming years, you won’t even need a publishing or distribution deal to get your book out there. Self publishing a digital book through amazon means you can get a book out by yourself and take the lions share of the royalties for yourself. I am thinking this will be the best way to get the ebook I am writing on graphic design out into the market.

My best tip for writing is to use your downtime to get your writing done. Like using the notes app on your iPhone to write everything down as and when you think of it. (like I am doing right now for this post in fact!)

Anyone have other tips on writing that they can share?