Put your marketing hat on and have a good hard look at your website. Is it selling itself? No, not how good it looks because I am sure it is totally awesome but is it doing it’s job for you?

Are you getting lots of client leads or is it just sitting there ticking over and giving you a trickle of leads? Some of my friends sites are gorgeous affairs with the most beautiful work laid out in what is a complex yet visually stunning way. My site which is a quick and straight foward affair with none of the bells and whistles gets me more income at the end of each month. Why? Because most of the viewers of their sites are other designers who go ‘wow’ but don’t convert to clients. Mine which isn’t so fancy has a focus of informing people and giving them everything they may want in easy to digest bites of information along with an easy to navigate format. If it is hard for someone to find your details then you are unlikely to get the work. They will navigate away and find someone else to contact. It is also why I have avoided any use of flash as a lot of people like myself do their browsing via iPhone or iPad.

What is your prime goal for your site. Do you have one? Does it do this? Could it do it better? How?

For example: Have you tried different formats and checked the statistics in comparison to see if you get more conversions in three months one way over another.

Did you have a copywriter work on your website blurb? What is your primary selling point? Are your calls to action working for you? Which pages are losing you the most traffic?

Every six months you should be reviewing your site in comparison to your traffic and developing the site to capture more of the traffic and convert it to clients rather than visitors. This may simply consist of placing a banner or call to action on a popular page reminding people about your services and to contact you for work they may need doing.

How often do you review your site in this way?

2 Thoughts to “Is your websites message getting lost in the design?”

  1. nursey

    My cousin recommended this blog and she was totally right keep up the fantastic work!

  2. Great questions to ask yourself – What is your goal. If you have a goal, and a reasonable, bold plan to achieve it, why would you ever fail? And again, if you don’t have a clear goal, why would you succeed – how would you even know that you’ve succeeded? Maybe you could have accomplished something twice as big, but since you didn’t even take time to dream about the possibilities… Setting goals is cool 🙂

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