At present I am working on a book called ‘Insights into Graphic Design’ the following is the introduction to the book which I am planning to have available for purchase by the end of the year.

After more than a decade and a half working in graphic and web design, I have seen the industry shift from traditional offset printing to a digital basis. Not only that, but digital design has gone from simple graphics on rather ugly static pages to amazing dynamic flash portal site experiences. Gone are the days when a designer didn’t need to think past a logo further than the business stationery. These days a corporate identity design will include all print uses of the logo and the digital uses. These can be everything from use on the website and advertising banners to signatures at the bottom of emails. Then you will find that all the uses and versions need to be set in a style guide for the business.

Design is an ever shifting medium that is influenced by the advancing technology of computing and printing, but also by the mediums in which we use to communicate. Twenty years ago there wasn’t the need for mobile interface design, now with the huge market saturation the smartphones have, all your emails and business software can sit in your pocket along with music, games and video.

Designers have to stay on top of emerging technologies and upskill themselves lest they are left behind by other designers more willing to embrace the new. Even in the last five to ten years the expectation is that any designer can do print AND web. Not all can, and those that don’t understand the new media are missing out on a large percentage of the going work.

My book is only intended to impart some of my knowledge on each of the chapter subjects and hopefully inspire or give some extra help to other designers.

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