Now I am loving the change that the iPhone has wrought on communication. But seeing as a decent percentage of the population now has a phone which is capable of photograph and video tasks to a reasonable degree, why haven’t we seen a marked increase in UFO evidence? I know, I probably watched all too much x-files when it first came out and I am the biggest devils advocate when it comes to these things, but are we seeing the death of the blurry camera shot of UFOs due to the fact we can’t fake a timestamp and GPS location of photographs? Have the aliens finally given up on us as a viable race capable of peaceful existence with other creatures? Or is it in fact the military is no longer testing various stealth technologies so we don’t see the strange lights in the sky anymore. I just felt I would be seeing more and more captured evidence rather than less and less.

Even if it was of hurled hubcaps past a window at night… Well, it’s something for you to think about now!